by The Ephinjis

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the first single off of the upcoming album "The Unfortunate Life of Bob: A Guideline to Dying Amongst the Living"- out in September!


You're brutally misunderstood
people don’t recognize you but by now they should
You’re one in a thousand who sees more
Like the cracks and splits in the ugly floor

And I know if by now the chance you would
Pick up your things, leave this town if you could
But you can’t remove that tug pulling from your core
You cannot see yourself walk out the door

Girl you will always be the same
You’re the only one that you have got to blame
Sorry, dear I know it’s such a shame
That I know you and I don’t recall the name

December and your hands are cold
You’re still around, you’re getting old
You ain’t rich and you ain’t poor
Stayed for glory and all you ever got was gore

You're still around with everyone else is striking gold
Thought you would make some, but you never even sold
You’re never going to find what you’re looking for
Stop breathing when you exit my front door

She stood up and smiled like a devil
Only God know what she had in mind
And God how I love her
But my heart won't keep up to my tortured mind

It's getting late, you should really go
nobody wants you in their home
I never thought'd come to this
You're just someone I'm never gonna miss


released August 17, 2016
Recorded, Mixed and Engineered by Nuance Audio

Music and Lyrics by The Ephinjis

Special thanks to: Logan Misegadis, Ryan Michener, the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences and all the extra hands that were involved in tracking the drums, Dog House Music and Gary Lennox, KappaWaves Audio LLC, Seventh Circle Music Collective and Aaron Saye for graciously giving us space at what we call "home" for tracking...
The Flynn family for letting us get drunk and play piano in their basement, Joel Zuercher for letting us live in his basement for the recording process, and a very special thanks to Bob for being the creative martyr to this record.



all rights reserved